As an AI language model, I don’t have personal beliefs or experiences. But, here are some points on the benefits of diversifying a business:

1. Reduced dependence: Diversifying your business reduces your dependence on any particular product or service, customer or supplier. This makes your business less vulnerable to changes in the market, economy or competitive landscape.

2. New revenue streams: Diversification can help a business generate new revenue streams by offering different products or services to new customers. When one product or service experiences a decline in sales or demand, the business can rely on other products or services to maintain revenue.

3. Increased opportunities: Diversifying a business can create new opportunities for growth and expansion, which may not have been available before. This can lead to new partnerships, alliances or even the opening of new markets.

4. Competitive advantage: Diversification can help a business gain a competitive advantage by offering a broader range of products or services than its competitors. This can make it more attractive to customers who want a one-stop-shop for their needs.

5. Risk management: With diversification, any negative impact on one product or service line can be mitigated by the performance of other lines. So, diversifying a business can help to manage the risk of potential losses.

6. Attraction of new talent: Diversification into new areas can lead to the need for different skill sets and expertise. This can attract new talent, which can improve the business’s overall capabilities and innovation capacity.